Youth tours in Bavaria – graduation trip in the Bavarian Forest

Would you like to go on vacation in the Bavarian Forest with your class? That would be a good decision: there, you will find everything you need for an amusing, but also informative school trip. Having fun with the wide range of leisure activities like football areas or theme parks, learning something new at interesting guide tours, for example a tour in the national park Bavarian Forest or in the “Haus zur Wildnis im Ludwigstal”. To trust each other and to do team work – the pupils can learn that in a high rope course. In the Bavarian Forest, there are also suitable accomodations for children and youths from a camping site to a youth hostel. Or would you like to arrange a youth tour with your youth group? There are many possibilitiesfor trips like having a sight-seeing tour or visiting a museum or a tobbogan run. Also graduation trips with a varied program and a wide range of leisure activities can be done in the Bavarian Forest.

Study trip and school trip in Bavaria – leisure activities for children and youths

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