Holiday Flats in the Bavarian Forest – family friendly holidays in Bavaria

holiday flat Bavarian Forest children Bavaria Who doesn’t want to relax on vacation, to enjoy the calmness and just to do these things what for you don’t usually have enough time. A holiday flat in the Bavarian Forest is not only a place to recreate in the open air, but also a place where hospitality is highly valued and where many leisure activities can be practised. Having a comfortable barbecue with the family or spending the day in lying in the meadow; sleeping late, having breakfast at 11 a.m. – no problem! You can time your daily routine on your own. Having a day-trip to the top of the Bavarian Forest’s mountains or cycling along the rivers – you can just do what you want to!

Bavarian Forest holiday flats for families with children in the Upper Palatinate

The green markers are for farms and the blue marker identification Holiday Rentals